We need your help!!

With the exception of the Coaching Team, everyone else is a Volunteer, giving up their free time to help run the Club. Without Volunteers we would struggle to keep the Club running and would not be able to host Galas, put on Club Championships, run Holiday Camps or even just carry out the general administrative tasks required day to day.

Our Volunteers have one thing in common - they do it for the swimmers and the opportunities that it provides them. Without Volunteers we would not be where we are today!

There are a variety of Volunteer roles that you can get involved in, ranging from the occasional help at Galas to the ongoing help in key roles in the Club. These are split into two categories:

Club Volunteers:

Club Volunteers perform a number of roles around the Club on a permanent and ongoing basis. Roles include, but not limited to:

- Membership Administration

- Gala Support & Promotion, including operation of the Gala timing equipment, marshalling, sign ins, recording of results, etc.

- Marketing and Communications

- Fundraising & Raffles

- Website Support

- Social Committee

- Squad Representatives

- Team Managers (helping at away Galas, and events)

To find out more about how you can volunteer please contact our Club Secretary at sec@sevenoakssc.org.  There will always be a role to suit the time you have spare!


Club Officials:

These are the people in white you see walking around the pool at Galas! It starts with learning to time keep - all you need to know is how to use a Stopwatch! You progress from there to learn how to judge the swimmers turns. This level is know as J1 and the training is all online after which you spend some time at Galas taking some practical poolside assessments. It is a great way to get more involved in your child's sport and increase your understanding of it - you don't have to have been a swimmer yourself.

If you are interested in discussing further then please contact our Officials Co-Ordinator at officials@sevenoakssc.org